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Engaging with the Engagement Ring: Interesting Diamond Ideas

From Engagement To Wedding …Tips to help you choose the best ring Proposals are frequently accompanied with a bent knee and a diamond ring. By accepting the ring, you release the bent knee into a jump for joy (and often relief) and accept the wedding ring to come. So what does the diamond symbolize? The diamond is one of the more recent accomplices to the wedding band […]

Kenya Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings Kenya Wedding Rings DAZZLE JEWELLERS Dazelle Jewellers speaks for itself, situated along the plush of Nyali, its hue is a reflection of the classy surroundings of its location – a fine way of transmitting the image of tranquility both in its physical surroundings as well as in the objectives it pursues. Dazzle is in a […]

4 Steps to finding a Perfect Ring

 For centuries now in Africa, it has been a tradition that after loving someone and getting married to them, a ring is placed on their finger an indication that you are one. Rings are of differing sizes, designs and materials and most couples buy rings according to what they are able to afford. 1. Set […]

From Engagement To Wedding …Tips to help you choose the best ring

From Engagement To Wedding …Tips to help you choose the best ring Dear husbands to be, you scoured all reference shops, worked out to find the perfect engagement ring, the one which she will easily identify herself with, the one which will seduce her. Congratulations!!! You made it, she said YES. Now, you are about to take a step further, choosing the wedding rings. 7 tips for […]

Trending in Bridal – Diamond Alternatives

Wedding Diamond For the Bride Who Doesn’t Want Diamonds Diamonds As a Tradition Vision a  beautiful engagement ring, or  a stunning bridal set.  Did your vision sparkle with diamonds?  If so, you can thank the marvel of modern marketing ads.  Nothing says commitment, eternity, and devotion like a diamond.  Actually, this hasn’t always been the case.   […]